About Us

Our business is making yours grow using powerful marketing funnels and automation

After struggling to find marketing strategies that worked when we first started in business, we discovered FUNNELS.


We understand the complexity and time it takes to properly create quality funnels, so we decided to help those who might find the whole thing a little complicated!

We understand that entrepreneurs like you prefer not to have to spend hundreds of hours learning how to build marketing Funnels, email sequences and automations! Instead you just want to focus on what it is that your good at and that you make your money from. 

With that in mind, we have created a range of high-converting Funnels that have helped hundreds of people around the world get more leads and sell more products and services.

You can buy one Funnel at a time or save by purchasing one of our Funnel packages and they all come with our methodical video-based training so you can be up and running in hours not days!


Meet The Founder

Torie Mathis

I started my business not knowing what to do or where to start. I was a couple years out of the Army and a year out of college when the Real Estate collapse of '08 wiped out my good old “job.” My business started right there, out of necessity.


I made mistakes, struggled and did things the long and wrong way. I took courses to learn everything I could to be successful with my business. I studied and read every business, marketing and digital book I could find.


And I tried it all. And then it clicked and I got SMART.


I have worked in the trenches…inside hundreds of small businesses, alongside frustrated business owners turning their marketing nightmares into business wins. What they first saw as a pretty website they soon found was so much more.

You see, Smart Marketing isn’t about pretty or fun. It is about good, solid strategy…yes, there is a formula and a method to the madness of marketing and it doesn’t mean big money always wins.

Understand that SMART beats big spending. SMART saves the day.

If you’re struggling to grow your business, frustrated with social media and all the digital tools you’re “supposed” to be using, or if your tired of wasting your time and money on things that are just not working then you are in the right place.


Want to learn more about being SMART in your business? Check out my show SMART AF.


A Funnel is an amazing marketing asset for any business.

Save hours and hours with a complete Kartra Campaign ready to import straight into your account and start collecting leads, appointments and sales 24/7/365.